tiny twigs

mission is to provide safe, clean and all natural skincare products to whomever seeks out a wholesome skin care routine.

Founded on the strong belief in the importance of self- care and self love, tiny twigs promises to provide natural skin care that is actually beneficial for your skin. all the products are free of any  unwanted chemicals , unnatural preservatives or sneaky manufactured ingredients like "perfume" or "fragrance."

tiny twigs is a quiet operation, all our products are made fresh in small batches to the order. 

tiny twigs

strives for affordable prices and promises to seek out initiatives so that more people have access to natural, clean products.

100% natural, pure ingredients

raw & simple

here, we love all bodies.

 tiny twigs is a natural skin care line developed to help us rejuvenate, hydrate, nourish and replenish our skin. 

All tiny twigs products are 100% hand-made with pure, natural ingredients. the products consist of high quality oils, pure essential oils, local pure honey, organic and often locally sourced beeswax, and floral waters . the products are great for all skin types. they produced in small batches in upstate New York following all the FDA guidelines for safe cosmetic making.

Inspired by the tiny things in life, the name comes from children's book Twig, a fantasy novel about a young girl who finds a home in an old tomato can in her back yard. You may notice that many of our product photos have small objects in them- these all come from my years and years of collecting miniature objects.

Thank you for visiting,

Olivia H.

founder of tiny twigs llc